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23 Nov Around a look: La Besace UPLA

Around a look: La Besace UPLA

The Original satchel Off-White is the essential accessory to energize your wardrobe. ABCfeminin presents a very nice look for the season.

Fall fashion ideas: 7 variations on a look # 1

Style exercise: a pleasant change and accessories around a look. Our selection, a fall-winter 2015-16 figure of J. Crew. Mixing natural colors and pastels enhanced with a yellow sun color touch. Instructions to boost your style…

Fall variations around a J. Crew silhouette. 

Changes in small touches, visible or hidden, play with fabrics: accessories, lingerie, make-up, beauty products, fragrances … Play with all, there are multiple choice in fashion and beauty to modulate your style and embellish your look.

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Thank you ABCfeminin !
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