03 Mar Hello St. Barths by UPLA

Hello St. Barths by UPLA

Winter will be (soon) over and the UPLA team chose the Caribbean as THE destination to escape down jackets and the Parisian cold. Saint Barthélemy island is an arid rock of 21 km² where the sun shines, the beaches make you dream and without a doubt is one of the most beautiful finest of the French Antilles.

We are ready for 7 days of adventure:

Stop 1: The Bay of Saint-Jean, where is located the Eden Rock Hotel, inaugurated in the fifties and is the first hotel build in the island. This hotel used to welcome Mr. Rockefeller at that time, and that probably helped to boost Saint Barth with the US wealthy families.

Stop 2: Gustavia, capital of the island, named after the Swedish king Gustav III.

Stop 3: Saline Beach, the must-see and enjoy heavenly beach in the south of the island.

See you soon at 5 rue Saint Benoit!