03 Nov UPLA Vintage

UPLA founded in 1973. We have a lot of Vintages !

Dominique wrote us a few days ago:

 ” If you knew the number of Upla satchels from my collection purchased in

 Paris, Bordeaux, Toulon, Aix en Provence, St Tropez.

 I have a some Vintage ones : The Original in green leather with the beige borders …

worn by my daughter at the Aix university.

 I have the one in cotton with the Union Jack, of course No. 110/300 … I have in brown and gold leather.

The red Prisu from a few years ago, is this one, indestructible found in Sanari.

I love it and had it this afternoon at the beach !”

A big thank you Dominique, we expect pictures of other UPLA bags .